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The BCC Angel is the online support system for the Brevard Community College distance learning system also known as eBrevard. Brevard Community College has been serving the educational needs of Brevard County life long learners since 1960. But now, they have extended their reach across the entire globe through online learning opportunities. Their motto – World Wide – World Class says it all.

Through the BCC Angel instructors and students are able to give and obtain support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s what you call service. These kinds of online systems have forever changed accessibility to receiving a college education. The Angel system is one accessed and utilized by both instructors and students.

The system has an extensive knowledge base for instructors taking them step by step through the process of enabling a course, posting important messages to students, taking attendance, posting grades, creating lesson plans and assessments and even blogging.

The BCC Angel also provides exceptional support for all students enrolled at Brevard Community College. They refer to the system as the learning management system for eBrevard or the online courses that the community college offers. In order to use the Angel system there are a few requirements for students:

  • Students must be registered which can be done online
  • Students must go through a 4-5 hour online orientation
  • Students must have access to a computer with the proper operating system, browser and plug-ins which are all outlined on the website

Surprisingly coursework done through the eBrevard online system costs $10 more per credit hour, but for the convenience its probably worth the extra fees. The courses offered through the learning management system include courses in a variety of disciplines such as: finance, history, the sciences, technology, social sciences, communication, webdesign, education, foreign languages, medical technology, math, criminal justice and more.

In order to help students self assess whether distance learning is a good option for them, they can take the “Is Distance Learning for Me” 13 question assessment. Also the BCC Angel provides access to a vast knowledge base of information, much of which is stored in PDF documents. But through Angel, students and instructors, also have access to chat, phone numbers and a ticketing system that allows them to submit questions for which they can’t find an answer in the knowledge base.

Here are a few tips for successful online learning:

  • Be responsible for checking course syllabus, class work requirements etc.
  • Have a back-up plan in case technology fails
  • Stay in touch with the instructor by email
  • Manage their time well
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Make use of available resources

Visit BCC Angel for more information about the Brevard Community College learning management system.

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