Outdoor Bedroom Shed

Source: theinspiredroom.net via Rhonda on Pinterest

How would you like to have a shed in your back yard you could actually sleep in? If the idea of sleeping in your shed doesn’t sound appealing, you might want to take a better look at the picture above because we are talking about a shed that is more like a guest house, rather than a shed where you keep your yard tools and lawn mower.

They probably go by several different names such as outdoor living room, living room shed, outdoor room and others, but the concept is still the same whatever you call it. Having an out building that is more like a little guest house on your property is becoming more popular.

While gazebos and tent like garden rooms are popular, there is something inviting about having the security and comfort of a house like structure in your yard that you could spend the night in if you wanted to, without the worry of being invaded by insects, snakes, raccoons or other critters.

Of course you will pay a fairly steep price to outfit your outdoor room just like a house with drywall, electricity and depending on your climate, heat and or air conditioning. I’m sure the price would be in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, but on average probably around $20,000 for a decent place. But if you have the money it may just be the vacation home you’ve always wanted, but it turns out it’s right in your back yard.

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Palm Bay Passion Flower

Pictured here is a passion flower that is actually growing in our yard in Palm Bay Florida. We first spotted this incredible flower in St Augustine growing on a fence along one of the many walkways winding through the city. And once we did some research we bought a passion flower and planted in in our yard.

After several years of enjoying the beauty of this flower the plant died, but because it sends out so many seeds we have never really been able to get rid of the plants. I usually mow over several vines coming up in the yard when the grass gets high and we do pull some of them up, but there are still a few growing in the yard as you see from the two pictures here.

Believe it or not there are over 500 species of the passion flower and I think we have the most common one which is known as the Passiflora incarnata, but the ones in our yard are much more colorful than the one pictured on the Wikipedia page.

These are some of the most beautiful flowers we have ever seen and we do enjoy them. However, the blossoms only last 48 hours and then they are pretty much wilted away. No, they aren’t like roses, when a passion flower wilts, it’s gone. So here are a couple of pictures that won’t wilt to enjoy these flowers growing in our Palm Bay yard.

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