Brevard Community College Melbourne FL

Brevard Community College Melbourne FL is one of 4 campuses of this State of Florida community college that has been serving the local community since 1960. Historically this post secondary educational institution began as two separate state supported colleges in 1960: Brevard Junior College and Carver Junior College. In 1963 they merged and became Brevard Community College. Carver Junior College was originally developed to serve the post secondary educational needs of the African American population in Brevard County.

A book titled African American Sites in Florida by Kevin McCarthy sheds a little more light on the circumstances that resulted in the colleges merging. The author notes that the merging of the 2 colleges occurred after complaints were filed with the US Commission on Civil Rights by an NAACP official  that Carver Junior College was not providing a proper standard of educational opportunity to Carver college students. In 1990 Brevard Community College named a new administration building, the George Washington Carver Administration Center, in honor of the black junior college they merged with several decades ago.

The Brevard Community College Melbourne FL campus is located at 3865 N. Wickham Road on a 120 acre semi wooded campus. Also on the site of the Melbourne Campus is the county’s premier performing arts center the Maxwell King Center. The center hosts top performers from around the world in music, dance and theater throughout their performance season.

Brevard Community College Melbourne FL is well know in the community for being a life long learning center for students of all ages. It’s not at all uncommon for parents and children to be attending BCC at the same time or even graduating together with their 2 year associates degrees.

BCC offers undergraduate classes for those going on to pursue 4 year degrees, they offer associate degrees and certificates for those pursuing technical and vocational interests. Some of the programs that BCC is well known for are their Nursing Program, Dental Hygiene Program, Culinary, Veterinary Technology, Hospitality and Tourism to name a few. Additionally on the Brevard Community College Melbourne FL campus students will find the Institute of Public Safety. The Institute of Public Safety has 2 tracks: Fire Science Technology and Criminal Justice. So students interested in entering law enforcement or fire fighting, becoming a correctional officer or even a security guard should check out the BCC Institute of Public Safety programs.

BCC has tons of educational and vocational opportunities for students young and old. On their website you will find schedules for classes, descriptions of various programs, entrance applications, student loan information, as well as the multitude of accoutrements the college offers. Need a job, more training or want to begin your associates degree? Make sure you check out all that Brevard Community College has to offer.

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