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Brevard County Clerk of The Court Public Record Search

Did you know that all sorts of records are available to the public? The Brevard County Clerk of the Court website lets you search all available county public records including land records.

The Brevard County Clerk of Court’s office is a complex organization that performs a wide range of record keeping, information and financial management for the judicial system, the Board of County Commissioners, and most importantly, the citizens of Brevard County.

The Brevard County Clerk of Court is the official recorder and custodian of all documents placed in the Brevard County Official Records. The Official Records are a permanent repository of those documents which primarily relate to real estate transactions.

Besides real estate records other records available include:

  • Marriage licenses
  • Court ordered child support
  • Alimony payments
  • Jury summons
  • Criminal felony and misdemeanor cases
  • Probate and Small Claims proceedings
  • Juvenile cases
  • Traffic citations

he current Brevard County Clerk of the Court is Scott Ellis. And here is a fun little bit of triva:

Since 1871 we have had 26 Presidents, how many Clerks of the Court have there been in Brevard County?

Give up…

Only 8…

That’s right, there have been only 8 Clerks of the Court in Brevard county in the time we have had 26 Presidents. The longest serving Clerk of the Court was G. M. Simmons who served 30 years from 1932 to 1962.

Pretty interesting factoid there. There are lots more where that one came from.

The Brevard County Clerk of the Court Web site is an invaluable repository of information. You can access the Web site here.

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