Brevard County Libraries

There are several Brevard County libraries within cities Brevard County.

Brevard has 18 libraries located throughout the county with a total nearly one million volumes available.

There is most certainly a library located near you.

The library system has over 2,250 magazine subscriptions, 18,000 videos and 21,000 sound recordings available besides the extensive collection of books available.

The Brevard County Libraries have an extensive card catalog available via their web site which allows you to search or browse their entire collection for any subject or interest.

If you are stretched for time or you just don’t feel like driving to the library you can reserve books right from you own home and have them delivered to any one of the 18 libraries in the county available for you to pick up.

There are also several databases that are available in the libraries through your home computer if you need to do research on a particular subject.

To access the Brevard County Library System through the internet you can go to their web site at:

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