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Brevard County MLS, Search the MLS Listings

The Brevard County MLS is available via their web site. It is a great tool for searching available properties in the Melbourne, Palm Bay area.

Potential home buyers and investors will find the most recent listings of residential and commercial property for sale in Brevard County by selecting Consumers Search of the MLS.

Board Members can select Realtors® Secure Access for more specific Realtor® information and tools.

The Brevard County MLS can help you find a home or investment to fit your budget and lifestyle. You can search under several criteria such as, location, minimum and maximum price, age of dwelling, square footage, number of bedrooms, financing options, etc.

With this information you can narrow your search to the specific type of home you are looking for.

While the Brevard County MLS is a valuable tool, it cannot replace the personal service an experienced Realtor® will be able to offer.

If you are looking for that special home or investment you need someone who knows the area and has connections with builders and developers in the Melbourne Palm Bay Florida area.

Why is that so important? Because many of the nicest homes and the best investment properties, at the best prices, never make it to the Brevard County MLS. Why…

Every Realtor® has a list of clients (or should) that have communicated to them specifically what they want in a home or property. When a specific property becomes available, word of mouth kicks in, sometimes for a few days, before the property ever gets listed in the Brevard County MLS.

So you as the buyer or investor need to get connected with a Realtor® who knows the area.


Because Real Estate agents are connected. They know where the opportunities are and they want to provide a win, win situation for the seller and the buyer.

A real estate agent in Brevard County will be able to help you find the right property or investment you are looking for, at a fair, marketable price.

You can search the Brevard County MLS all you want, to do your best research.

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