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What’s Happening At The Brevard Zoo?

Did you know that the Brevard Zoo is a world class zoo located just about 15 miles north of the city of Palm Bay?

If you don’t remember the history of the zoo it is famous for being the largest volunteer community build in the world. The initial stages of the Brevard Zoo was built starting in the spring of 1992 by over 20,000 volunteers.

The land was donated by Duda and Sons and after securing a $2.5 million loan with the help of the Brevard County Commission, 20,000 volunteers and 2 years of construction later the zoo opened in March of 1994.

This was just the beginning of the Brevard Zoo however. With continued support from the community it has grown into a tourist stop and education center for many a visitor and resident of Brevard County.

The Brevard Zoo now consists of four distinct habitats including Expedition Africa, Wild Florida, Autstral-Asia, and La Selva or South America. Each habitat has it’s own unique animals and theme. The zoo boasts some 550 animals representing 165 species from 5 different continents.

Other exhibits and activities at the zoo include, 2 kayaking adventures, a train ride, a behind the scenes look at the Expedition Africa exhibit, a petting zoo for youngsters and other specialty adventure tours. Part or all of the zoo can be rented after hours for special events and the Serengetti Pavillion that holds 250-300 people can also be rented for weddings, picnics or company functions.

The Brevard Zoo has been an important part of Brevard County for more than a decade now and is a great place to spend the afternoon sipping a cool drink and having a look at animals and habitats found all across the globe.

Over 300 people volunteer at the zoo to make it’s educational programs, gift shop, docent program and outreaches to the community truly unique.

The zoo sits on 58 acres of land at the South East corner of Wickham Rd and I-95 north of Melbourne Florida. To date 28 acres have been developed.

For more information, you can visit the zoo’s web site at:

See you soon at the Brevard Zoo!

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