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We’re not sure what your experience may have been in the past, but in our opinion dealing with Brighthouse Melbourne FL has been nothing less than almost perfect. We have both cable TV service (the most basic cable you can get) and internet service (it’s actually Earthlink Internet, but provided through Brighthouse), and we have never had anything less than stellar service. These are the issues with internet that can drive you crazy because at first we had no idea what was happening. After eliminating our router as being the problem and our computers as being the problem, we finally determined it was outside our house and an issue with Brighthouse Melbourne FL.

We have mostly dealt with Brighthouse from the internet access side of things and have had a couple of issues with our cable going out or being very intermittent and things have been fixed in a very short amount of time. Our latest service need was when we noticed our internet cable access going in and out and not being able to access various website. And the weird thing was that we only has problems with getting on the Internet at certain times of the day. When we finally called Brighthouse, a technician determined that we had a problem with our outside cable and an onsite technician was dispatched the next day. We were even put on a priority list because they consider Internet access as a vital service.

Once the tech arrived they we able to diagnose the problem with a little help from me and fix the issue. It turned out that our cable needed to be replaced from the pole line to the house and from the main house connector routed around to the other side of the house where our internet access enters our office. It was quite a jobs for a single tech and he called for help and we ended up having 3 trucks at hour house on a Saturday morning.

The final result was that we had everything from the pole to the cable that connects to our router replaced including all lengths of cable, all connectors and even the cable modem. With 3 techs working for approximately 3 hours each it only cost us $40 because of a new cable needing to be run around the house. It turned out that the main issue was our cable running across our roof was very slightly melting and had moisture in the cable, thus the issues of it working only certain times of the day. Once the cable got hot in the afternoons, it stopped working.

Honestly, the 3 people that helped us that Saturday morning about a couple of months ago were all very polite and very helpful and we give Brighthouse Melbourne FL our kudos for a job well done. If you need to contact then for local Melbourne or Palm Bay Florida service, the number is 1-866-309-3279. Make sure you write that down.

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