Business Week Votes Palm Bay Melbourne 2nd Booziest City

Business Week Magazine has named the Palm Bay and Melbourne Florida areas the 2nd most booziest city in the United States just behind Reno Nevada of all places.

According to the study, survey, high school science project, whatever you want to call it (how about complete rubbish), 9.1% of you reading this post claim you drink heavily in some mysterious survey. Anyone reading this take a drinking survey lately?

I call it a mysterious survey because Business Week fails, quite miserably, to give even the slightest insight as to how the survey was taken, what the questions were, who was asked such questions and who administered said survey. I mean really, were the participants offered free booze for life? Did the researchers do an exit poll with customers leaving AB Sleaze on Babcock St in Palm Bay? Come on Business Week, a little more criteria spilled out to to the masses might give your survey a slight bit of credibility.

You can view the top 10 booziest cities here and see that there is no more data than 10 pictures, the names of the cities winning the dubious honor and the percentage of “heavy drinkers” in each city. It is interesting to note that no college towns, no national sports team cities and not even Daytona Beach for crying out loud ended up in the top 10. Shouldn’t Daytona at least get an honorable mention for the solid month of spring break, bike week booze-flowing-in-the-streets revelry? There’s probably more fire water consumed in Daytona Beach that month than in all top 10 cities combined for the year.

Oh, maybe the survey was actually taken in Daytona during Margarita Month and participants were asked where they were from. Now the picture is getting clearer, apparently Palm Bay and Melbourne residents are sneaking off to spring break late in March to party.

The irony in all this is that located in the panel right next to the pictures of the top 10 cities is this bit of self promotion: “U.S. News’s “Best” delivers recognized, authoritative information and clear, objective rankings that help readers plan for their life and ultimately, make the most of it.” Really? Ten stock photos with the names of 10 cities equates to “authoritative information and clear, objective rankings” that will help us pickled citizens of Palm Bay make the most of our lives?

Business Week just probably wanted to stir up things a bit and Melbourne Palm Bay was randomly selected and pulled out of the hat second. Honestly, the whole thing sounds like pure baloney to me.

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