Cantina Dos Amigos El Cheapo Menu

If you are ever in the mood for Mexican food (for me that’s about every 3 hours) and only have a small budget, but don’t want the typical fast food tacos and burritos, you have to check out Dos Amigos El Cheapo menu. It only a short drive over to the Indialantic beachside for some delicious Mexican treats and you may spend less than you would at Taco Bell.

Jean and I discovered the El Cheapo menu about 2 years ago when almost everything on it was priced at $3. It now has only 1 item priced at $3 and everything else is either $3.50 or $4.50 (there’s really just 1 item for $4.50). This is an exceptional deal and when you add in a basket full of tortilla chips you certainly wont have to worry about going hungry. In fact, if you go by yourself the basket of chips is really too much for just a single person.

So what’s featured on the menu for $4.50 or less? How does 2 tacos, or 1/2 a cheese quesadilla, or a flauta with guacamole, or a mini wet burrito for only $3.50 sound. You can also get an enchilada for only $3. Such a deal! That means you can take you and your spouse out to lunch for less than $10 with a tip. It’s hard to beat that price just bout anywhere unless you’re into eating those yellow saltines with artificial peanut butter from the vending machine.

After eating at Dos Amigos on the El Cheapo menu I’m usually pretty full, which makes me wonder why I need to spend $10 on a burrito from another Mexican restaurant and completely stuff myself.

The next time you need a Mexican food fix and are near the beachside, head on over to Indialantic FLĀ  between the hours of 11am and 3pm Monday through Saturday for some tasty and cheap food from the Dos Amigos El Cheapo menu.

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