Cedar’s Cafe Mediterranean Restaurant Melbourne FL

If you are on the hunt for Mediterranean food in Melbourne Florida, then there is no better restaurant to visit than Cedar’s Cafe on North Wickham Road just North of BCC. With its authentic mix of hummus, falafel, baba ghannouj, foole, lentils and rice that are perfect every time, grape leaves, lots more and a delicious whipped garlic sauce that we have yet to duplicate, you won’t be disappointed.

Cedar’s is located in the same shopping center as is Panera, in fact it is right next to Panera, and is a small, or let’s say even tiny, restaurant. It seats approximately 25 people and that would be crowded so, if you go for dinner it is essential you call ahead or make reservations.

Our favorite thing on the menu is called the pick 3 where you get to choose 3 items of about 12 for $8.50. My picks are usually fatoush salad, falafel and the delicious lentils and rice. Jean usually gets the fatoush salad, tabouli (parsely is too bitter for me) and the foole which is a mixture of fava beans and spices that is also excellent. Occasionally one of us will get a bowl of their mixed bean soup as one of the 3 choices. It is out of this world. And of course most everything has that exceptional whipped garlic sauce that looks like it has dairy in it but doesn’t. We have worked hard to duplicate the sauce which made of only garlic, olive oil and spices, but we just haven’t figured out how to whip the olive oil so it gets thick.

Another thing I like at Cedar’s Cafe is the way they cook their chicken. The shish taouk (Arabic shish kebab) is marinated or cooked with garlic and it is fabulous. They used to have it as one of the pick 3, but now it is offered only as an entree.

And as any traditional Mediterranean does, they have an assortment of baklava for dessert. We usually get one of each of whatever they have, but since we’ve been trying to cut back on the sweets, we didn’t partake last time we visited the restaurant. The baklava is homemade and is made with simple sugar instead of honey, but you wouldn’t know the difference. When you decide to splurge, it is the perfect ending to a delicious and traditional Mediterranean dinner.

Cedars Cafe is located at 4100 North Wickham Rd Unit 137 in Melbourne, FL. You can call
321-751-0000 to make reservations and you can also visit their website for more information and to have a look at the menus.

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