Chart House Early Bird Specials

Chart House Melbourne Florida has been here in Brevard County for as long as I can remember and we’ve been in the Melbourne Palm Bay area for about 45 years. However long it has been here, it is a staple of the Melbourne Florida area and sits at the point of land right where boats enter and exit the Melbourne Harbor. Chart House offers a high class dining experience with a beautiful view, but the only drawback is that it can be a bit expensive with most entrees ranging from $28 to $45. Add to that an appetizer, a drink and maybe dessert and you could easily top out at $150 for dinner for 2.

However, there is a way to have a nice dinner at the Chart House and not get stuck with a huge bill. It isn’t advertised on their website and you can’t find a menu for it anywhere online, but Chart House has early bird specials that can save you some money. Early bird dining starts at 4:30 and runs till 6:00 pm and features your choice of approximately 5 or 6 different entrees, plus you get their fantastic unlimited salad bar with items like caviar, hearts of palm and more that you don’t normally find on most salad bars around town. Of course you also get the beautiful view of the Indian River around Melbourne Harbor.

Another tip to save a little money is if you are tempted to get just the salad bar because you are tightwads like us, think about spending just a few dollars more and get a full entree with your salad bar which you can take home and eat the next day. Chart House salad bar costs around $13.50 and their early bird salmon entree cost $19.99, so for only $6.49 more we took home the salmon and split it the next day for lunch and Jean had the salad bar that was included with her meal.

We didn’t get an appetizer or drinks as we usually do when we go to the Yellow Dog Cafe so we did keep the price down, but the early bird special is a way to enjoy dining at the Chart House with its great food and atmosphere and not have top spend like it’s some kind of shin-dig special occasion.

You can get a good idea of what’s on the Chart House menu here, although they don’t have a menu listed for the Melbourne FL location nor do they have their early bird menu listed online as mentioned earlier. It’s a secret.

Chart House Melbourne is located at:

2250 Front Street
Melbourne, FL 32901
Reservations: 321-729-6558

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