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Yes, the Melbourne and Palm Bay area has their own Craigslist domain at, but many people instead shop at the Craigslist Orlando site because it has thousands more classified ads and is probably much better for shopping for things like cars and larger furniture items, that is if you don’t mind driving the 2 hour or so drive to get to Orlando and back. On the other hand, the Craigslist Space Coast site is probably better for smaller items in the classifieds such as garage sale items, baby strollers, jewelry and of course jobs, real estate and anything that is more locally oriented.

The reason that Craigslist Orlando may be better to shop for some things like cars and trucks is just because of the sheer volume of available automobiles and ads from which to choose. For instance, in the cars and trucks section of Craigslist Orlando there are some 550 ads posted just today while there are only around 150 ads for cars posted in the Craigslist Space Coast site. And then when you take into consideration this many ads posted every single day going back for approximately 10 days, you have thousands and thousands of autos to choose from in Orlando versus maybe a total of 1,000 for all of the Melbourne and Palm Bay Florida areas of Brevard County.

And when you begin to compare the Craigslist Orlando classifieds to the Florida Today classifieds, it’s a complete joke these days. I love examples, so let’s look at another one. In the Florida Today items for sale section, this is in the entire section, there are only 51, count them, 51 ads listed this morning and in the entire transportation section there are only 131 ads listed for the last 7 days. And the entire transportation section includes RV’s, boats, motorcycles and all other motorized vehicles.

In fact, it is even sadder when you look at the total number of classified ads on the FL Today site and see that there are only 208. Those are total ads on the entire site that also now appear in the newspaper when the Craigslist online classifieds has more than half that many sections. It may be better to compare the Space Cost CL site instead of the Orlando site with the Florida Today classifieds, but even when you do that and compare just the SC cars and trucks section, you get more ads there listed in 2 days than you do for all of the total ads listed at FL Today.

It’s pretty clear these days that the newspaper classifieds are dead and one of the better places to shop in the Central Florida area for just about anything is the Orlando Craigslist website and for more local stuff in Melbourne and Palm Bay, the Space Coast Craigslist site. Happy online shopping.

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