Eau Gallie Farmers Market

If you are looking for an outdoor farmer’s market that sells produce (some local), breads and other baked goods, honey, crafts, and yes, even more produce, then look no further that the Eau Gallie Farmer’s Market. It is located in the downtown Eau Gallie section of North Melbourne and have something for everyone that loves good produce.

If you didn’t know it, Eau Gallie used to be it’s own town and was incorporated into Melbourne back in the early 1970’s. That’s why we have Eau Gallie High School, The Eau Gallie Civic Center and many other things in the north part of Melbourne with that rather strange name.

But anyway, back to the farmer’s market. It is open every Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm and features quite a wide variety of everything you would expect in a farmer’s market. Although it is a bit small, my wife and I have found everything we need to get in the way of produce at the market. We used to buy our local honey at a health food store right near our home, but when the cost went up to $45 per gallon we had to look elsewhere and luckily we found honey from Umatilla, Florida for quite a bit less than $45 a gallon. I think it comes out to $38 a gallon, but one is measured by weight and the other is by liquid ounces.

Downtown Eau Gallie has a very home town feel and the people you meet are friendly and talkative as you would expect at a market such as this. People also bring their animals and we met the sweetest old English sheep dog the last weekend on August 2010. This sweet animal greeted you by extending her paw and shaking hands with you. That’s just another benefit of enjoying your local farmer’s market that you probably won’t get to experience at your local Publix.

Remember the market is open every Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm and is located at the intersection of Eau Gallie Blvd and Highland Ave as pictured in the Google map below. See you at the next market.

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