Enjoy Carrabbas Palm Bay On A Budget

You could do this at any Carrabbas in the country, but because we live in Palm Bay FL thus the title. We will show you how to enjoy Carrabbas on a budget, like an under $20 check for 2 people. While we do enjoy some Friday nights out and go for the regular price on everything, there is a way to have a great meal there and spend less than $20 for a couple. In fact we’ve gotten the price down to around $16.50 plus a tip, not bad for a restaurant where most entrees at dinner time weigh in at between $15 and $20.

Here’s how to get out of Carrabbas, enjoy a nice lunch or dinner and spend less that $20 for 2 people. You will be ordering side salads and sides of vegetables. A side salad is $5 and side of veggies are either $2 or $3. There isn’t really any rhyme of reason to their pricing as sometimes we pay a different price for the same side dish of vegetables.

When we are in a budget conscious mood, usually for lunch on Sunday we will get 2 side salads at $5 each plus 1 side of garlic mashed potatoes (you get a double scoop) and 1 side of the vegetable of the day. The total before tax comes to either $14 or $15 and don’t forget, you also get your unlimited bread as well. We also only get water to drink.

The best salad to get used to be the Mediterranean, but they have since discontinued that from the menu and we now get the Italian side salad. If you want something a little different than salad or maybe it’s cold outside, then you can try one of Carrabbas delicious soups. What we like about Carrabbas soups is that they are served in a bowl big enough to swim in and only cost $5 for the bowl (Some specialty soups may cost $6).

We hope you enjoy your next meal at Carrabba’s and remember, you don’t have to spend $50 to have a great time there.

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