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Get Your Florida Fishing License

Florida Fishing License
You can get a Florida Fishing License online if you plan to fish in Florida. And there are plenty of places to fish in Florida, especially around Palm Bay.

In fact, Florida is known as the fishing capital of the world. And why not, we have thousands of lakes, rivers and bodies of water in Florida for fishing and recreation. In fact as a kid I used to catch Florida's most popular fish, the largemouth bass, right out in my parents lake behind their house.

Some of the most popular fishing areas around the Palm Bay Florida area are of course, the Indian River, and there are plenty of fishing spots along US 1, then there is Canal 54 which eventually empties into the Sebastian River, and then we have the Atlantic Ocean.

We are also blessed with all sorts of little lakes in parks, private housing developments and public areas around South Brevard County.

Depending where you are going to fish and what kind of fish you will be catching and possessing you will need a fresh water or salt water or a combination license.

Even if you are fishing in a primarily fresh water area and happen to catch a species that is considered salt water then you must have the appropriate license or must release the fish.

Here's a quote from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission web site to explain that in more detail:

"License requirements follow the species of fish, regardless of where they are caught. In other words, if you only have a freshwater license and are primarily fishing for largemouth bass or bream (freshwater species) in a river, but happen to catch a red drum (a saltwater species), you must immediately release the red drum."

So who needs to get a Florida fishing license?

In general anyone who plans to fish anywhere in Florida unless you have an exception such as,

  • A child under the age of 16
  • Members of the armed forces when home on leave for under 30 days
  • A totally private lake of 20 acres or less
  • During the first weekend in April every year
  • and many more exceptions as specified on the Florida Fisheries web site.

To obtain a Florida Fishing License you can go to any tax collectors office in the state of Florida or you can obtain your license directly on the internet at www.myfwc.com.

You can also learn everything you need to know about fishing such as, identifying fish, fishing regulations for the specific body of water you may be angling in, equipment regulations, boating regulations, health advisories and a whole host of information for the avid fisherman.

Enjoy your fishing in the great state of Florida.

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