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We have frequented most of the furniture stores in Melbourne FL over the past 15 years. And we have purchased furniture from several of those stores: Havertys, Bassett, Kane’s, Ashley, Wood You and Westside Used Furniture.

It began when we redecorated our living room replacing all the carpet with tile. Because we were trying to cut down on allergens we decided to nix the cloth furniture and replace it with leather. Then we also had to find just the right entertainment center to go with that, so our saga with furniture stores in Melbourne FL began.

We purchased a leather sofa and loveseat set from Bassett and unfortunately had problems with it. Some of the stitching was not right on one of the seat cushions and the skirt on the couch was not even. Bassett made it all right. It took some time, but they saw it through to our satisfaction.

We also had problems with the entertainment center we purchased from Havertys. It took several visits from the repair man, ordering new doors and then finally ordering an entirely new entertainment center for us, until the situation was resolved. Though it took some time, we have to give Havertys kudos for making it right for us.

So here’s a furniture buying tip: If something is not right when the men deliver your new furniture, report it immediately. It is the sales person’s job to make things right for the customer. We have the entertainment center and leather furniture in our home for over years and they still look great. The leather has begun to wear a little and the cushions are a little soft but all is still very handsome looking furniture. If we had to do it again, we would have done a little more price comparison on the leather before we made the purchase.

A few years a go we needed a new dining room table, chairs and 3 occasional chairs for a new addition we added to our home. After perusing nearly all the furniture stores in Melbourne FL we finally found the dining room table we were looking for at Kane’s. We had no problems with this item and we are pretty happy with the quality. We get many compliments on our table and it was reasonably priced.

Finding the right occasional chairs was a whole other ordeal. We must have looked at and sat in 100 chairs, maybe more. I had no idea what a difficult job that would be. We knew what we were looking for. The function of the chairs would serve primarily as comfortable chairs for reading. Both my husband and I do a lot of reading and so we tested chairs by sitting in them, shifting in them, hanging legs over the chair arms etc. An all around testing for comfort was required before we could make our decision. We ended up with 2 micro-suede, medium sized, over stuffed chairs from Ashley’s.

Ashley’s quite frankly was about the last place I went because from what I had read they were not the quality of furniture we were looking for. However after looking at 100’s of chairs, I walked into Ashley’s and immediately saw the chairs that fit the bill sitting in the front of the store. They were attractive, comfortable and very reasonably priced. The sales lady bent over backwards to get us into those 2 chairs. Although we did have to return one, they were able to get another one for us relatively quickly. We use the chairs daily and they are now showing some minor wear, but that is to be expected. We had a good experience.

The third chair we purchased came from Havertys. It is a gorgeous, antique style rocker – slider, that cost a small fortune. However, I consider it a good investment since I use this chair everyday and love it. I read, relax, knit and crochet in this chair so in the end it was worth the money.

Other furniture stores we have frequented and purchased items from more than once are two stores that many people do not even consider when shopping at furniture stores in Melbourne FL but they are 2 of my favorite places to find quality furniture:

  • Wood You unfinished furniture on the corner 192 and Wickham Rd.
  • Westside Used Furniture at 2140 Meadowlane (ML runs parallel to Minton)

We have purchased 2 beds from Wood You as well as a night stand. The guys did a fine job finishing the furniture as well. With Wood You, you know what you are getting and it is solid wood. As with all the furniture stores in Melbourne FL, including Wood You, they have catalogs that their customers can pursue, if they don’t see the item they are looking for on the floor. Don’t hesitate to ask to look at a catalog.

Sometimes what you want can only be found at used furniture stores in Melbourne like Westside Used Furniture. They survey estate sales and select quality pieces, clean them up and resell them. Their prices and service has always been excellent.

Most of the furniture stores in Melbourne Florida can be found on what we call furniture row – that’s SR 192 also know as New Haven Avenue in West Melbourne and extending west to I-95.

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