Garage Sales

Who doesn’t love garage sales? For many these sales are a way of life.

There are those that like to go to these weekend sales and then there are those that love these household sales.

If you’ve ever set up one at your own house you know what I mean about this. There are people that are professional garage salers that will be at your house at 7:00 am the morning of your sale, knocking on your door before you even open your garage.

Getting set up for your sale can be a lot of work. And notifying people and advertising your sale can be expensive. But if you live in Palm Bay Florida the city has set up a special web site for these fun and exciting weekend sales. And the best thing about this web site, it’s totally FREE.

That’s right you can post your sale and include an unlimited description, unlike newspaper ads, and it’s all free.

An for you sale fanatics you can find these sales on this web site all over Palm Bay so you can map out your shopping day and find the best deals. What do you go garage saling for? Is it antiques or furniture or art or knickknacks or are you just looking for those hidden treasures that no one else knows about.

Maybe you are an eBay seller that looks for deals and sells your wares on the internet. Some people make a great living off of these weekend sales by putting their treasures online through eBay.

If you live in palm bay or the surrounding the communities and love to shop in people’s garages on the weekends then you must visit

Get ready for your weekend shopping today!