Gourmet Tea

Gourmet Tea for the Tea Connoisseur

Who loves tea? Who loves gourmet tea? What could be better than sipping iced tea on a hot Florida afternoon?

Or when it gets cold here in Florida, whenever that happens, how about a nice cup of hot tea.

Now I’m not talking about a regular cup of tea. I’m talking the about loose leaf bursting-with-aroma-and-flavor real gourmet tea. I’m talking about the kind you can’t get at the grocery store.

In fact the grocery store manager might give you an odd look if you asked them for loose tea.

One of our favorite spots to visit in the Melbourne / Palm Bay area is the Melwood Creek Tea Company.

What a great little shop. If you are a gourmet tea lover this is your shop. At Melwood Creek Tea Co. you will enjoy shopping and taking tea and in a small, quaint 1919 circa building with warm Dade Pine paneling, high ceilings and rustic wood floors.

Do they have tea…

Yes, they have every kind of gourmet tea you can think of…

How about Black Teas, Classic Tea Blends, Fantasy Teas, Oolong Teas, Green Teas, White Teas, Decaf Teas, Herbal Teas, Tisanes, Dried Floral and Herb Teas and a wide assortment of gifts and supplies for the gourmet tea lover.

I like to go in just to smell the loose tea. Have you ever smelled real apricot tea? There isn’t anything like it. Some people do like to drink it though.

Your host and hostess at the Melwood Creek Tea Company are Steve and Donna Schnatz.

If you have a tea question, Steve and Donna have a tea answer. Not only do Steve and Donna love tea, they have a passion for it.

Donna has so much of a passion for tea when they go out or stay at a bed and breakfast, she takes her own tea with her.

Don’t bring Donna a tea bag, oh no, don’t do that, she already has that taken care of. That’s what tea passion is. And she shares that passion with her customers.

So, if you are strolling around old downtown Melbourne on a nice afternoon or just need a cool, refreshing, real ice tea, stop in at the Melwood Creek Tea Company at 2013 Melbourne Court and explore. Or you can visit their Web site at www.mcteas.com.

I’m sure you will leave with some refreshing iced tea, a few bags of gourmet tea or a new passion.

Unfortunately our favorite tea company is no longer in business.

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