How To Beat The Best Dominos Coupon Deals By At Least One Dollar

If you are like us, once in a while you just get the urge for a pizza conveniently delivered to your house by the nice people at Dominos. We stopped ordering by phone a few years ago and strictly order online now and when you do order online, you have a selection of Dominos coupons you can look through to find the best deal on your pizza of choice. They do offer some pretty good deals, but what you may not know is a little secret that lets you beat even the best online Dominos coupon deals by at least one dollar and up to $3 or more.

We order our Dominos take out (or delivery actually) from the store that’s right near the intersection of Emerson Drive and Minton Road in Palm Bay Florida so I don’t know if this secret will work for your specific location, but it does for us, and we’ve been doing it for years. What’s the secret? Use the wrong, but closely related, coupon and you canĀ  save at least $1 off of the specific coupon for whatever pizza you are ordering.

Here’s how you do it: We usually order a large Pacific Veggie specialty pizza that has 7 or 8 items (depending on how you count the 3 different kinds of cheese) and has a regular retail price of $13.99. If you look through the coupons on the site you will usually see one for a large specialty pizza for $11.99 giving you $2 off the retail price. Don’t use that coupon. Look closer at the list of Dominos coupons and you will see one for a large 5 topping pizza for $10.99, that’s the coupon to use. When you update your shopping cart and go to checkout you will then see that the price for the pizza excluding tax and delivery is now $10.99. Bingo, you saved an extra dollar off your pizza order. I’m assuming that this will work with any Specialty pizza from Dominos.

You can also do this with a medium Specialty Pizza as well. The medium size Pacific Veggie has a regular retail price of $11.99, but if you use the coupon for a medium 3 topping pizza for $8.99, you can get $3 off of your $11.99 Specialty pizza order.

You can play around with other combinations and see what works. If you can’t use the coupon combination you are trying it will just highlight your chosen coupon in red on the check out page and say that you have an unused coupon and the price won’t reflect your savings. No biggie, just try something else.

We only order the Pacific Veggie pizza and used to be able to get an even better deal than this. Over the last 3 years or so Dominos must have reprogrammed their coupon codes and they no longer allowed you to use them to get the super deal we used to get. They used to allow you to use just about any coupon on any order. So we used to use the $8.99 medium pizza coupon to get a $16.99 extra large pizza and get 47% off. I think I probably discovered this by mistake on an order several years ago and just kept using it until Dominos caught on and no longer allowed it.

However, you can still save at least a dollar or more by using the current Dominos coupon deals in a creative way. Enjoy your next pizza delivery from Dominos and save. Hurry, before they catch on to this deal.

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