Island Pasta

We Love Island Pasta!

All my wife Jean has to say is, “Island Pasta?” And I’m there.

I’d have to say that Island Pasta is definitely our favorite restaurant in the Melbourne Palm Bay Florida area.

Whether you are hanging out in Historic Downtown Melbourne, bumming around the office, or sitting on the couch at home, when your stomach tells you it’s lunch or dinner time, Island Pasta is the place to go.

There really isn’t any other place like it in the Melbourne area or all of Brevard County. You will see that when you scan their menu. Unique entrĂ©es all with a healthy island flair are the rule.

I’d say my favorite dish is the Rasta Pasta. Spicy, jerked chicken is the ingredient that makes this my tasty choice.

You want to know the best thing about Island Pasta?…

Their food isn’t greasy…

Now, I don’t care where you go, just take a look at your plate after you’ve cleaned it off. If you’ve had a pasta dish, expect it to be covered with grease.

Not so at Island Pasta…

They prepare each dish with their customer in mind. All of their food is home made right from their own kitchen, not from a package. They also use fresh herbs and spices in their dishes to give them that extra something that keeps us coming back.

You can eat inside the restaurant or relax with your lunch or dinner outside in the breezeway.

They also have a banquet room for holiday parties or special occasions.

The food is great, the staff is friendly, the service is prompt and the atmosphere makes you feel like you’re in the islands even though you aren’t. What more could you want from a Melbourne Florida restaurant?

The next time you’re wondering what to do for lunch or dinner, stop by Island Pasta and tell them Alan and Jean sent you.

Island Pasta Company is located at:

903 East New Haven Avenue
Historic Downtown Melbourne FL
Phone: 723-1584

You can also visit their web site to check out their appetizing menu.

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