Largest Staghorn Fern In The World?

Melbourne Florida may hold the record for having the largest staghorn fern in the world. While it may not be official, I’ve scoured the internet for pictures and have yet to come up with one as large as the one at the Rossetter House and Museum. As you can see from the pictures here, this is one giant staghorn fern.

The plant is in the garden at the Rossetter house on the northeastern side of the home and we even made a second trip out to the Melbourne historical landmark to get additional pictures. Many times when people take pictures of their staghorn ferns they don’t stand near them or put anything near it so as to be able to judge their size. However, we went back to the house to get some more pictures than what we got on our first visit and had my wife Jean stand next to it so you can see exactly how big this thing is.

It used to be on the branch of the tree you see it next to, but a few years ago the branch could no longer support it so it was placed on a stack of cement blocks that now hold it up. We had to be careful measuring it so as not to break any branches, but as far as we could tell it is probably 10 feet wide from branch tip to branch tip at its largest width and is about 5 to 6 feet tall if it were sitting on the ground.

While I don’t think there’s an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records and no one is officially keeping records this one has to be close if not the largest staghorn fern in the world. I’ve never seen anything like it. If you know of another one that is as large, please leave a comment and a link. You can see this staghorn fern in Melbourne at the Rossetter House for free. You do not have to pay admission to the home to walk through the gardens. Any time the home is open for business, you can see the gardens.

See additional staghorn fern photos here and staghorn ferns for sale.

Enjoy some additional photos of this huge staghorn fern below:

A view from the side:

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26 Responses to Largest Staghorn Fern In The World?

  1. Lynda says:

    I know of a Giant Staghorn Fern that’s ready for a new home. These must be very valuable because it is so rare to find ones of this size. Any idea on the fair way to value them and how to connect with interested buyers?

    • admin says:

      I don’t really know how one would value a staghorn fern, but I have heard some go for fairly high prices. Maybe putting an ad on Craigslist or just Googling “staghorn fern price” would give you the answer.

  2. Larry Miller says:

    I’m new to this staghorn plant craze. I have one half the size of the so call largest one pictured and after some investagation I’ve found out mine may be worth as much as#400.00, and i’m interested in selling it,OBO.

    Larry Miller

  3. ROBERT says:


  4. Ron says:

    I have a healthy and beautiful staghorn for sale. Can email photos. It is approximately 5 ft. tall and 5-6 ft. wide. It hangs by a rope on a pulley. I am asking $400. Located in South Louisiana.

  5. Monica says:

    I have a staghorn fern in my backyard in St. Pete that is bigger than this. It encircles a large pine tree. I would love to post a picture, but can’t figure out how to do it on this website. Can you tell me how?

  6. linda lane says:

    i actually have one larger and fuller for sale , it’s very healthy, worth over $3K will sell for less . mine was started by a houriculturist over 30 yrs. ago. we are in seminole fl. call 727-510-1510 if interested no texts please. i can email photo.

  7. Jean Mock says:

    I have one growing very large beautiful staghorn.It’s approx. 25 yrs. old & multiplying like mad. Anyone interested in a pup I will divide it. 727-424-7393.
    I live in Treasure Island, FL. Jean

  8. Debra Kisamore says:

    I have a VERY LARGE Staghorn forsale approximately 50 years old, and about 7′ in diameter, very healthy. $1,000 OBO. I have two others that are between 3′ – 5′ in diameter they are located in Durant, Florida (between Plant City and Brandon). Must Sell

  9. lowell clark says:

    Have large staghorn fern for sale approximate 98 inches in diameter south florida bring offers u pick up upon sale 7722881100

  10. patty howard says:

    Or “stagy” is suspended from a chain in a live oak. It is 6 1/2′ across and 5 feet top to bottom. We give it banana peels for a snack. I had never heard of these until we moved to New Port Richey, fl last Aug. It really is an amazing plant. We love our ” stagy”

  11. Pete Garza says:

    Beautiful 40 year staghorn fern, 6′ by 7′ want to sell. Call 619 656 0388

  12. Pete Garza says:

    Beautiful 40 yr. Staghorn fern. Want to sell. In Chula Vista, Ca.

  13. Pete Garza says:

    Beautiful 40 yr Staghorn fern. Want to sell. Chula Vista, Ca.
    619 656 0388

  14. 9 feet wide 7 high, 35 years old
    Anaheim, California

  15. Bob McCleskey says:

    What feed do these people use/

  16. Tiffany says:

    I have one that might be bigger.

  17. Tiffany says:

    Its 20feet in diameter and 8feet tall

  18. Hawk Moore says:

    We think this this is the world’s largest stag horn fern. It was given to my brother John over 30 years ago. It is hanging by a chain off of an oak tree. It was getting too close to the tree and ground and was jacked up higher 3-4 years ago.

  19. Joyce says:

    My mom has a beautiful big stag horn for sale approximately 6 foot tall to 6 foot wide in Orlando Florida must sell $600 obo u pick up. Thanks 260-687-7038 joy

  20. My mother (Pam Strickland Salomon on Facebook) lives in The Villages, Florida and her staghorn is similar in size to the one in Melbourne.

  21. hartley skibo says:

    I have one that is 8ft 6 in wide for sale on craigslist tampa bay 1500. or best offer.

  22. I do not have a picture, but have seen a much larger stag horn fern at butterfly world in Coconutcreek, Fl.

  23. Dave says:

    I have one that is about 6 feet in diameter at the base and 11 feet from leaf tip to leaf tip.
    40+ years old and very healthy.
    It is mounted on 1/2 inch steel rods forming a tripod with a steel hook at the top for hanging.
    Selling for $2000 or best offer.
    Dave 321-243-9009 text or call.

  24. A huge staghorn we hung today. It was about as big as the one pictured.

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