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f you still read them today, the main Melbourne FL newspaper is known as the Florida Today and the headquarters is located at the Gannett Plaza complex on US 1 just north of the Pineda Causeway. With much of the news being online today through a multitude of websites, newspapers are fading fast, but some still like to get the paper delivered. Of course, many people still like to get the Sunday paper as well so they can clip the grocery coupons that literally fill that plastic bag in your driveway on Sundays.

Back in the day when people used to actually read the newspaper years ago there were at least 3 that I could remember in this area. We had the Today (that became the Florida Today) newspaper which had the only color comics section in Florida for as long back as I can remember. We also had the Melbourne Times back when we first moved here in 1967 and I think there was an Eau Gallie newspaper back at that time too, but I can’t find any information on it.

At some point the Today newspaper became the Florida Today as it is now and it also bought the Melbourne Times and continued to publish that paper for a few years. But as subscriptions declined steadily for the Melbourne Times it finally went defunct and now we only have the 1 paper here locally.

Another paper that people subscribe to in the Melbourne and Palm Bay areas is the Orlando Sentinel that gets delivered locally. I haven’t read the Fla Today in several on any regular basis, but when I did, many people preferred the Orlando paper over the FL Today because of that paper’s liberal views. In fact some people even called the Florida Today a rag, but I won’t mention any names.

So, if you live in this area of South Brevard County and want to actually read he news in paper format the 2 Melbourne FL newspaper choices you have are the Florida Today and the Orlando Sentinel. Occasionally I will pick up one of those papers if I’m waiting to get a haircut or something like that, but we mostly get our news online at the, The and other sources.

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