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Enjoy The Melbourne Weather

Ahh, the great Melbourne weather, I know you are going to love it. I mean, who wouldn't love 300 days of Florida sunshine every year?

Melbourne Florida weather is probably some of the nicest weather in the country. That's why so many people choose to move to this part of Florida every year.

The average temperature in the Melbourne area is 72 degrees with an average high of 90 in the hottest month of July and an average 50 degrees in January, Melbourne's coldest month.

The kind of weather we usually experience here in Melbourne is warm, balmy and sunny year round. The weather in Melbourne is absolutely great for spending lots of time outdoors.

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Now, it does get a bit hot and humid here in July and August and January is somewhat cool but most of the time the sun is shinning and the weather is great. Because the weather is go great here in Melbourne there are lots of outdoor things to do. We have access to lots of water from fresh to salt so if you like to surf, swim, water ski, fish or just enjoy boating in general Melbourne is a great place to partake in these activities.

A couple of interesting Melbourne Florida weather facts are that the highest temperature ever recorded in Melbourne was 102 on July 14th 1980 and the lowest temperature ever was a chilly 17 degrees recorded on January 19, 1977. I remember the coldest day well as I was in high school and had to walk to the bus stop that morning. Yes, for Florida that was VERY cold!

If you would like to know more specifics about the Melbourne weather and get detailed information and forecasts, please click on the little weather station at the top right of the page.

I'm sure you will love the weather in Melbourne!

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