Merritt Island Mangos, The Best Mangos In The World

I never really liked mangos (also spelled mangoes) until a friend brought us a bag of Merritt Island mangos several years ago and now every year around mid July we go on the hunt for those delicious treats right from our very own Merritt Island. Jean and I love mangos and honestly, we have never tasted anything like the ones that come from Merritt Island in South Brevard County Florida. We think they are, without a doubt,  the best in the world.

Of course we haven’t eaten every mango variety in the world, but we buy them all the time from Publix, Walmart or any of the local produce stands around our area and we haven’t tasted anything like what we’ve found that comes from right along Tropical Trail on the Island.

Many mango varieties (some sites claim there are some 2,000 or more) can be quite fibrous and even some of the better ones have a slight amount of fiber. You almost know immediately when you slice into a mango how it sounds as to the amount of fiber in it. But we have found a variety that are almost like slicing into butter when you cut them open and they are the sweetest mangos I think we have ever tasted. The variety is known as the Keitt mango and it is the best of the best.

Eating a Merritt Island mango is almost like drinking a fine wine and trying to figure out all the flavors you are experiencing. The taste of this exotic fruit (it’s not actually exotic in most of the world) is something like a cross between a coconut, a banana and a mango (duh) with a slight hint of pineapple in it. The reason I say it is not exotic in most of the world is that the mango is the number one most popular fruit in the world, even more popular than bananas and apples. I suppose that’s because mangos originate from India and with a population that is almost 4 times that of the United States, no wonder they are popular.

These particular mangoes pictured here are from a produce stand right in Satellite Beach on South Patrick Drive, aptly named South Patrick Produce and this is the second year in a row we’ve purchased out Merritt Island mangos from this vendor. The stand is located right on the northwest corner of South Patrick and Banana Rive Drive.

Don’t miss the mango season here in Brevard county Florida that runs from July till late September or early October. I don’t know exactly what it is that makes Merritt Island mangos so sweet and delicious, but you have never experienced a mango, until you’ve had one from Merritt Island Florida. Make sure you ask wherever you buy them if they are mangos from Merritt Island.

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