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Northstar Generators can keep you out of trouble should your power go out. Here in Florida during hurricane season the threat of losing electricity for extended lengths of time is a very real possibility.

Be prepared for hurricane season or for any work you need to do with power tools where electricity isn’t available with a generator from NorthStar. You don’t’ want to go without electricity for too long because you know how it gets here in Florida.

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"NorthStar Generator — 25 HP, 15,000 Watt, Gasoline" NorthStar Generator – Gasoline 25 HP, 15,000 Watt

25 HP Kohler OHV engine has low oil shutdown, cast iron cylinder sleeve and 12 Volt electric start. Hydraulic valve lifters. Full pressure lubrication. 10 gallon fuel tank with gauge. Truck Ship. Engine: Highly efficient 25 HP Kohler OHV engine Rated W

"NorthStar Generator — 10 HP, 6500 Watt, Diesel" NorthStar Generator – Diesel 10 HP, 6500 Watt

Powerful NorthStar Generator packs 6,500 surge watts and 6,120 continuous watts! Reliable, single-phase, 100% copper-wound, runs over 13 hours at 1/2 load on a 6.5-gallon tankful! Truck Ship. Brushless industrial design produces reliable power.

"NorthStar Generator — 13 HP, 8000 Watt, Trifuel" NorthStar Generator Trifuel 13 HP, 8000 Watt

NorthStar trifuel generator switches effortlessly from gasoline to dry fuel without powering off. Engine shuts down when oil is low to protect engine life. Rubber isolation mounts dampen vibration for smooth operation. Easy access control and outlet panel.

"NorthStar Generator — 5500 Watts, 8 HP, Gasoline" NorthStar Generator Gasoline 5500 Watts, 8 HP

This generator operates on a Honda GX OHV engine with a super-quiet muffler. Big 6.5-gallon fuel tank will run generator for hours. Delivers both 120 Volt and 240 Volt power for versatility. Truck ship. U.S.A. Engine: 8 HP Honda GX OHV engine surge Watts:5500 watts Running Watts: 4000 watts Control panel with 3 outlets One 120V 20 Amp duplex outlet One 120V locking plug outlet One 120V/240V 20 Amp locking plug outlet Super-quiet muffler, Cast iron cylinder sleeve, Low oil shutdown protection, Recoil start, 6.5-gallon fuel tank for extended run times, Frame measures 31 3/4in.L x 23 2/3in.W x 22 1/4in.H Optional wheel kit Item# 165916 sold separately. Truck ship U.S.A.

"NorthStar Generator — 13 HP, 8000 Watt, Gasoline" NorthStar Generator Gasoline 13 HP, 8000 Watt

Maintenance free brushless design! Honda engine has Oil Alert™, super silent muffler and cast iron cylinder sleeve. Truck Ship. Engine: Highly efficient 13 HP Honda GX OHV engineRated Watts: 6600 Continuous WattsSurge Watts: 8000

"NorthStar Generator — 9 HP, 5500 Watt, Gasoline" NorthStar Generator Gasoline 9 HP, 5500 Watt

Industrial design generator packs a 5500 Watt surge, delivers 4500 continuous Watts, hour after hour, thanks to extended-run tank! Honda engine has Oil Alert™ and super silent muffler. Safely powers computers, tools and more! 2-year limited warranty.

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