Palm Bay Dollar Movies

Would you like to know where to get Palm Bay dollar movies? Well, a lot of people would, but in reality there aren’t any. What? Don’t get too excited because you can go to the movies in Palm Bay for only $2 per person and on Tuesday movies are only 50 cents all day long. So I guess it kind of evens out on there little marketing gimmick here.

The theater that offers these huge movie discounts is the Palm Bay Dollar Movies 10 located in the Palm Bay West Shopping Center at the corner of Malabar Road and Minton Road (it’s the shopping center we call the Winn Dixie Plaza for obvious reasons). What used to be a first run movie theater built several years ago and then closed for quite some time now offers second run before they go to video movies. They aren’t the first run block busters that audiences are waiting to see with bated breath, but they do offer pretty decent movies for only $2 and don’t forget they’re only 50 cents on Tuesdays. I would mention some of the movies showing right now, but by the time some of you read this post 6 months after it goes up, most of the titles will be irrelevant and you may not even remember them.

The Palm Bay Dollar Movies 10 is supposed to have 10 movies showing, but right now (as of the time of this post) there are only 9 movies showing. However, I bet you can still find one you like even though there is one less than there’s supposed to be. I honestly don’t know how a theater can show movies this cheaply and still stay in business because Blockbuster can hardly stay in business charging these prices and they don’t have anywhere near the overhead that a theater does. But as of right now you can check out movies in Palm Bay for only 2 bucks.

So if you are looking for cheap entertainment, pack up the family some evening and head down to the Palm Bay Dollar Theater and treat yourselves to a movie for only $2 per person. And if you want to do it for even less, head to the theater on a Tuesday evening and get in for only 50 cents. And if you are a real cheapskate like me, sneak your own snacks in. But don’t tell anyone I told you to.

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