Palm Bay Gets New Trash Cans

Apparently some of us got more of the new Palm Bay trash cans than others, but the real story is how much the city paid for them and why. While the city of Melbourne Florida let Waste Management pay for the trash cans at a cost of approximately $34.50 each, for some unknown reason, the city of Palm Bay Florida decided that they would pay for the trash cans out of borrowed and city money. The claim is that Palm Bay has a better credit rating and therefore can borrow money for less.

I can’t verify this, but supposedly Palm Bay purchased the 76,000 by spending money collected from sanitation fees and not from taxes. Any way you want to look at it, the money belongs to the citizens of Palm Bay because there would be no city services if we weren’t paying the taxes that created that mechanism. Some $2.6 million was spent on the trash cans and the amount that was borrowed will end up costing the city $480,000 in interest on top of the already $175,000,000 Palm Bay is in debt.

Another controversy surrounding the new trash cans is that they were purchased from Cascade Cart Solutions in Grand Rapids Michigan instead of a local Florida, Brevard County or Palm Bay business (both Lowes and Home Depot have them, though not 76,000. I’m sure something could have been worked out). With the local economy the way it is, it doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do for a municipality such as Palm Bay to spend $2.6 million to support a non local economy, but at least they kept it in the good old USA.

Beyond the controversy, the new Palm Bay trash cans are 64 gallons, made of commercial grade plastic (the same is available at Lowes and Home Depot…just sayin) and do hold quite a bit of garbage. I hope you read the rules that also came with your trash cans (recycling cans come later to take up space in your garage) because you are now supposed to bag all of your trash, not place anything outside of the can and all recyclables will now be placed in another container to follow. That means you will be breaking down boxes when you purchase your next 56″ mega flat screen TV.

When the final trash pick-up schedule goes into effect on Nov 15th, Palm Bay will then go to a one day per week pick-up vs 2 days per week. Don’t worry though, you will save a little money for less service, a whopping 75 or so cents per month.

I think the new cans are kinda cool despite the controversy, and as you can see from the top photo you can have a little fun with them.

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5 Responses to Palm Bay Gets New Trash Cans

  1. Nice article. It’s 45 cents we are saving per month by going to one day of service instead of two.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Funny attention getter.. can has same number code on all pictures

  3. DBL says:

    To the fine folksof palm bay, help spread the word and the word is… WAKE UP!
    Tell everyone you know, we ALL need to start going to the “city hall meetings” and show our “leaders” how much they are screwing things up! Things like our”commie cans” (Your gunna git them, your gunna pay for them and your gunna like it”!!! ) Or well put a lean on your house (that they wont recover due to the market is so upside down youll never see the money from a lean like that) how about “your gunna have to pay for your roads…no one els did but your gunna, oh and we’ll also throw in how it’s also to maintain or repair the drainage system that has no problem draining” Oh the things you DON’T know and should!!! Like how our mayer wants sooooooo badly to have a ballpark stadium built in the city and rumor has it WM said they would help finance it if PB contracted new cans and pick up…. and the contract was NOT put out for bid! Still the folks in Viera are paying for thair stadium that they CANT FILL as it is……. and NO IT DOESN’T CREATE “LOCAL” JOBS!!!!!!!! Oh the things you DON’T know…. just a drop in the bucket> Say here’s a thought…IF YOUR BROKE….STOP GITTING MORE LAND IT’S NOT PAYING FOR IT’S SELF. and moast of the folks that lived in PB have left so you no longer have the “tax revenue” comming in to pay for what you can’t afford! There’s so much to say but so little time……”Fed up in Palm Bay”

  4. Kim says:

    Typical bureaucrats spending other peoples hard earned money with no regard!! Just think of all the benefits, a savings of 45 cents a month and for that we get half the service, a much desired increase to an already ridiculously high debt, less space in our garages, and a whole lot more hassle!! Gee, I think I felt a tingle go up my leg! I am so happy that we were able to help out Michigan’s economy since our local economy is doing so well and, due to our stability, have no need for any financial influx. If all goes well and we are really lucky, our property taxes will go up to pay for this wise and thought out debacle!! Another increase in my property taxes will be of such a benefit as my personal asset value continues to sky rocket since my home is worth less than half of what it was a couple of years ago!! Does any of this make sense? Well, neither does buying a bunch of junk plastic boxes that nobody wants. I have to wonder why. I’m sure all the reasons for this are completely legitimate, we can always trust those that write checks on our account, can’t we? Thank goodness that Palm Bay has gone green, for that we will see an increase in job growth, we are saving the planet and have already reaped the benefits of the additional money in our pockets!! I do request that you do not hoard that 45 cents per month but go forth and spend it freely. Christmas is just around the corner so live it up and remember that you are boosting our already flourishing local economy.

  5. Resisting the Green Dragon says:

    Are there any follow ups to this story?

    Would concerned citizens who commented on this like to form a group to resist these outrageous programs ?

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