Palm Bay Melbourne Shopping

Let’s go shopping in the Melbourne, Palm Bay area.

There are some truly unique and fun places to shop in the in this area.

You will love the Downtown Melbourne area with all of it’s antique shop and different restaurants.

One of our favorite places in Downtown Melbourne is the best place to get tea you will be able to find for miles. If you like tea, you need to learn more about the Melwood Creek Tea Company.

If you like to shop for antiques, Downtown Melbourne is the place to go. There are dozens of little shops that feature everything from antique nick-nacks to collectibles to furniture.

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Florida Flea Market
If you didn’t know, there is a great Florida Flea Market right here in the Melbourne Palm Bay area.

Florida Orange Juice
If you love orange juice and you live in Brevard County then you probably have heard of Harvey’s Groves

Melbourne Florida Shopping
Enjoy Melbourne Florida Shopping from the convienience of your computer. In the categories below you will find housewares, garden supplies, outdoor and patio furniture, tools and more.