Palm Bay Panera Bread

While the new Panera on Palm Bay Road is actually in West Melbourne, it will always be know to me and my wife as the Palm Bay Panera Bread. After months of the anticipation of anxiously waiting for a decent fast food restaurant in our neck of the woods to open, Panera opened about 3 weeks ago.

You can get all kinds of great food in this deli style restaurant including pastries (I’m not too much into the sugar thing), sandwiches, soups, salads, coffee, smoothies and of course as the name of this joint implies, there is all kinds of bread available here from bagels, to baguettes, to loaves of a multitude of different kinds of bread.

I mentioned earlier that Panera is a fast food restaurant, but that’s just because there isn’t a better name for a restaurant such as this. You do get food fast there but, that’s where the comparison to restaurants such as McDonalds (which is right next door) end. To start with as I am writing this page sitting here in Panera, there is classical music playing on the sound system, there is a conference table right in the middle of the restaurant for large groups and the atmosphere is just completely different that one would find at any traditional greasy burger joint.

Then certainty the food separates Panera from all other fast food restaurants. The salads and sandwiches are individually made to order and can be customized without having to wait for your order any longer than normal. Everything is fresh, delicious and served on real plates with real utensils, something you don’t find at most other fast food restaurants.

If you want to enjoy a great meal when you are in a rush then stop by Panera Bread located at 245 Palm Bay Road. You can call them at 321-215-2500 for large take out orders or to arrange catering for your special events.

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