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What’s the Palm Bay Weather like today? All you have to do is check the statistics on the widget to the right. Included is the current temperature, the weekend forecast for Palm Bay so you can plan your outdoor activities, the Palm Bay forecast and more. The weather information is direct from the so you know it’s as accurate as possible.

You know how the weather here in Florida can get. We have pretty mild winters and very nice fall and spring weather, but it gets miserable here in the summer. The humidity is stifling and it’s sometimes more than I can take. I’ve been living here in Florida for 44 years and I’m still not used to the humidity here in the summer.

We have also had some unreasonably warm weather in Palm Bay in the winter of 2012 with a few 80 degree days in February already and more scheduled. We are seeing an early spring with plants starting to get green and pollen on our cars which usually doesn’t happen at all until late march to early April. If you think this is a result of global warming alarm don’t, because up in Alaska and Northern Europe it is bitterly cold. Like new ice age cold with villages being cut off in Europe and some places in the interior of Alaska getting down to 79 degrees below zero.

Anyway, check the weather up above for your Palm Bay weather and try to stay cool in the summer Florida sun.

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