Sand Castles

Sand Castles – The Work of Ron Masters

Did you know that building sand castles is a highly skilled art form and a serious hobby. Did you know we have a Masters level sand castler right here in the Melbourne Palm Bay area.

If you didn’t know, I thought you should.

Ron Masters from Palm Bay, Florida has been creating sand sculptures and entering sand castling competitions since 1999. What started out as a hobby, soon turned quickly into a more serious endeavour. You can see Ron (on the left) and his sand sculpting buddy, Wally Frederick, in the picture to the right.

Ron is serious about his sand castling. Unfortunately the sand on our local beaches is not of the quality needed to build great castles, so Ron travels the beaches of the world (well, at least the beaches of Florida) looking for good sand.

Although Ron is a Masters level competitor and does compete on a semi-regular basis, most of his sand castles are built for the pure enjoyment of it. Even though the sand is not of the best quality on the beaches of the Melbourne Palm Bay area, Ron has built a few castles here.

One of the sand castles he built locally was for Covenant Presbyterian’s Lighthouse Ministry. It is the first one pictured below.

Okay, who doesn’t love to play in the sand when they go to the beach?

As children building our sand castles higher and higher with our plastic shovels and buckets was a thrill for most of us here along Florida’s Space Coast. Large plastic forms along with 5-gallon buckets, shovels, tampers and steel carving tools are now the equipment of Ron the Master sandcastler. Quite a departure from the simple sand castles of days gone by.

Hey, why don’t we have a look at some of Ron’s work, after all that’s what it’s all about, right!

Feast your eyes ladies and gentlemen…

sand castles sand castling sandcastling
Lighthouse Ministry
Inn On The Beach
Anchored Firm
ron masters sand castles
Finding Captain Nemo’s Guitar Studio
A first place finisher
Carrying A Tune
sand sculpture sand castle sand sculpture
Thomas Pointe Shoals, MD Lighthouse
Flag Day Castle

As you can see, Ron loves his work, at the beach that is. Well, I think he also likes his work as a Systems Administrator at Wuesthoff Health System, but sand castling is a bit more relaxing.

Many People ask Ron how they can create great sand castles too. In fact, Ron has been asked so many times about this that he is working on a video that will be a step by step process by which he creates his master works. The video is still in production at this time.

Keep on the lookout, you just might see Ron working on a sand castle somewhere on one of our local beaches or another beach around Florida. Ron’s not hard to spot, he’s the one that’s always smilin’.

To learn more about Ron Masters and his wonderful sand castles and to see more and larger pictures of his work, you can go to his web site.

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