Staghorn Fern Pictures From Readers

With the popularity of a post on the largest staghorn fern in the world being in Melbourne Florida (possibly) readers of this site have been commenting and emailing, wanting to send in pictures and even asking where to sell their own staghorn ferns. I don’t have the information as to where to sell these popular plants (your local classifieds are probably the best place), but if you have pictures of a staghorn fern you are proud of, please contact me here and send them in and I will put them up on this post and post to Facebook every time I get a new picture.

Our first staghorn fern picture is from Lou Carrier in Huntington Beach California. Pictured below is Lou, his son and his large staghorn fern. Thanks for the photo Lou!

These next 2 staghorn fern pictures are from Ron Durand in South Louisiana and this one is for sale. The plant measures approximately 5 foot tall to 5 to 6 feet wide. Ron is asking $400 for his staghorn fern and you can contact him by phone at home at 337-369-9515 or on his cell at 337-789-8608. You can also email Ron at rondurand @ (remove the spaces in the email address). Check out the pictures below:

Staghorn Fern For Sale In Lousiana

Staghorn Fern For Sale In Seminole Florida
Contact Linda Lane at 727-510-1510 or at

Here’s a Staghorn Fern from St Petersburg Florida from reader Monica Kile:

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