Take The Zipline Adventure At Forever Florida

I promised on my last post about Forever Florida I’d write about one of the coolest ways to see the nature and wilderness attraction south of St Cloud and that way it the Zipline adventure at Florida EcoSafaris. Specifically known as the Zipline Safari, it is the adventure that will give you one of the the most unique perspectives of the real Florida in its most preserved and original state.

As you zip along the treetops at up to 25 mph and up to 55′ off the ground you you may spot some of the wildlife that call Forever Florida home. If you keep your eyes open you may be able to spot a Florida black bear, white tail deer, bobcats, alligators and maybe even the elusive Florida panther. And there’s no reason to be disappointed if you miss any of the wild animals because at the end of the adventure you will get to spend time in the wildlife interaction area and get close to an alligator, a panther hybrid (I guess he gets better gas mileage?) and other native Florida creatures.

Your Zipline Safari will take approximately two and a half hours (allow 4 hours for check-in and transportation) and begins with a short hike along the Florida Trail up to the main launch platform. Your adventure is lead by an expert guide and includes zipping along 7 high tension cables that hold 26,500 pounds, scoping out wildlife from 9 observation platforms and crossing 2 sky bridges over Florida wetlands.

If you think zipping along 55 feet off the ground at 25 mph and spotting Florida wildlife couldn’t get any cooler, it can, because you can do all of this…at night! During select nights every month you can experience the Moonlight Zipline Safari and see the nocturnal Florida wilderness and the Florida sky as you may have never experienced them before. If you have never see a sky full of stars away from the city lights, you have no idea what you are missing.

The entire zipline cable system is engineered for safety, you are lead by certified guides, you automatically brake as you glide into each platform area and you are connected to one of two safety connections during your entire time throughout the adventure. No need to worry. Minimum age requirements are 10 years old and weight requirements are a minimum of 70 pounds and a maximum of 275 pounds. The cost is $85 per person and is the same for the moonlight adventure.

Besides the Zipline Safari you can enjoy Forever Florida by Coach Safari, Horseback Safari and an Overnight Horseback Safari. Reservations are a must for any of the adventures and you can make them by calling 1-866-85-4EVER. You can visit the main Forever Florida website or the Florida EcoSafari’s website for more information on all their adventures and the real, genuine Florida.

Thanks to William Crotts Photography for the pictures.

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