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If you are looking for that taste of Thai food or what I would classify as Asian food, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, etc., that all have a similar taste and would like something a little more upper class than the usual Chinese take out, you have to try Thai Thai House in Hammock Landing shopping center in Palm Bay. Okay, the shopping center is actually located in West Melbourne, but since the main entrance is located on Palm Bay Road we’ll call it like we see it.

What my wife and I like about Thai Thai is that it’s a cut above cheap Chinese take out. While we do still enjoy the inexpensive and quick trip to any one of a half dozen local Chinese take outs, Thai Thai is where we go when we want high quality and fresh Asian food. The restaurant serves both a sit down and a take out crowd. If you choose to get table service, he restaurant has a quaint atmosphere with a sushi bar in front of the kitchen and about a dozen tables located in the main dining area and a few more in the outdoor eating area.

At this time of the year (summer of 2010) it is a bit warm and humid to be sitting outside so you can either take a table inside or do take out which is what my wife and I usually do. The menu is a little confusing as there is so much to choose from, but once you find a couple of your favorite meals, you can always just order those. My favorite item on the menu is the Drunken Noodles with chicken which is stir fried rice noodles with an assortment of vegetables and Thai basil leaves and other special seasonings and oh, it is so tasty.

Another great dish is the fried rice with either mixed vegetables or with chicken. They add fresh tomatoes and I think scallions and it is delicious. My wife usually gets the Mixed Vegetables and she love it as well. Another of her favorite menu items is the same mixed vegetables with either red curry or yellow mango curry. Both of these dishes are cooked with coconut milk.

You don’t want to miss Thai Thai House located at 215 Palm Bay Road NE, W. Melbourne (phone 321-914-3911) if you are in the mood for a quick yet delicious Asian alternative restaurant. It is a little more to eat here than it is from a Chinese take out, but the quality of the food  and the taste is far superior.

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