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If you are searching for used cars Melbourne FL there’s a little secret to finding the best deals in this area. OverĀ  the years we have purchased several used cars in the Melbourne Florida area from several different dealers. The problem however with recommending almost anyone is that smaller used car dealers normally don’t stay in business that long.

There is one dealer that I would go to if we were in the market for an inexpensive used car and that is Leonard’s Auto Inc at 26 West New Haven Avenue, Melbourne, FL. It has been years since anyone in my family has purchased a car there, but over the years we have bought at least 3 cars from Leonard’s and we have always been happy with our purchases. Since I haven’t been to this dealership for a number of years however, we do recommend that you do your sue diligence when shopping for a car there.

Okay, now on to the secret of how to purchase a used car in Melbourne FL and get a great deal. One of the best places to shop for a car, and even sell one for that matter, was to pick up the newspaper or the Auto Trader and spend a couple of hours looking through the classifieds. However, due to online classified sites these days, the newspaper want ads are almost non-existent today. The big secret for used cars Melbourne FL is to shop at the Space Coast Craigslist cars and truck want ads online.

There are some dealers on Craigslist selling cars, but when you end up dealing with a private seller, most of the time you are going to get your used car for a lot less than you would if you were to get that same car from a dealer. The reason this happens is because you don’t have to pay for a salesman, or their insurance policy, or for the mortgage on the car lot, and the electric and all the other overhead that goes with purchasing from a dealer. Of course when buying from an individual you do have to check the car out yourself and make sure it is in a condition that you will be happy with.

The reason that the Craigslist Space Coast site is great for people in Palm Bay and Melbourne is that there are hundreds of cars listed there every day and you can check them out, many with pictures, from the comfort of you computer without having to deal with a pushy salesman. And when you find a car you like, you can call the owner, ask question, maybe get more pictures and set up a time to go look at the car at your convenience.

Isn’t that a lot easier when shopping for used cars Melbourne FL than driving all over town all day to look at car lots?

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