West Melbourne Tearing Down Houses On Hollywood Blvd

If you’ve been down Hollywood Blvd in West Melbourne in the last 2 or 3 weeks you’ve probably noticed some of the homes near the intersection of Henry and Hollywood are being demolished. In the last several years some of these homes, which used to be cozy and fairly nice, have fallen into quite a state of disrepair. So, you may be thinking as I have been for the last several months, what’s going on here and why is the City Of West Melbourne tearing down houses?

If you have looked for any information regarding this matter it is nearly impossible to find out anything. Nothing appears in any of the local newspapers such as the Florida Today (anyone still reading that rag?) and almost nothing can be found online. The only slight bit of information I was able to find out was that there were bids placed to tear down 8 houses along Hollywood Blvd back in December 2010 and January 2011. Unfortunately that information is only available for those that register for the BidClerk.com website, which I did for free, and then the expanded info is only available for those that become a paying member of the site, which I did not do.

Further research turned up information on a Hollywood Blvd 4 lane widening project that supposedly was just in the planning stages and a look at the permit found at the site states that Frank Lin Excavating is doing the work. Even though Hollywood is a major thoroughfare through West Melbourne coming from the intersection of New Haven (192) and Hollywood next to Barnes And Noble and ending at Palm Bay Road, and gets lots of traffic, there isn’t enough money to pay for the project. The biggest drawback at this point may be that the right of way in acquiring all the homes along Hollywood is too expensive or the money just isn’t there yet. There are many small homes along this route and tearing down all of them and paying the owners for them would cost a small fortune, probably as much as widening the road itself.

At this point I’m at least guessing the tearing down of these 8 homes along Hollywood Blvd is the very beginning stages of the widening project and these homes were an eyesore to the community, the money was apparently there so, they came down. I go to Barnes and Noble more than once a week and take this route almost every time so I’m not looking forward to the 4 laning if and when it happens. Here’s an extra picture of the results of the demolitions:

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